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Project Coyote · Its goal is dy­nam­ic lan­guage sup­port in NetBeans, and it’s open for busi­ness over at Java.net. Check it out ...
Angry at the Cat · This is my one-year an­niver­sary at Sun, and I just wrote a lit­tle ser­mon about the com­pa­ny. On a per­son­al note, by way of am­pli­fy­ing that lit­tle dis­claimer over to your right, I should say this: I wake up be­fore any­one else in the house, even when I’ve been work­ing late, which is usu­al­ly. When I come down­stairs our mangy old loud­mouth cat ac­costs me for break­fast and I have to feed him or he’s gonna wake up the fam­i­ly. And that 60-second de­lay re­al­ly ir­ri­tates me be­cause I can’t wait to get on­line and see what’s hap­pen­ing. Which is to say, I’m hav­ing fun. I’m in the com­put­er busi­ness where I be­long, and I’m get­ting chances, in a small way, to make a dif­fer­ence here and there. Thanks are due at this point to Si­mon Phipps and John Fowler for get­ting me the job, to Rachel Laxa and Lore­na Cer­il­lo for help­ing me fig­ure out how things work, to Juan Car­los So­to for good ad­vice and moral sup­port, to a lot of oth­er peo­ple at Sun for let­ting me run with some of my weird ideas, and to Lau­ren for putting up with my en­thu­si­asm­s. Oh, and as of to­day, I’m a share­hold­er too. So call me a soul­less cor­po­rate drone, baby, I can take it.
One Sun Year · To­day, March 15th, is my first an­niver­sary at Sun; an op­por­tu­ni­ty for dis­course on how I think we’re do­ing. There’s a uni­fy­ing theme which may come as a sur­prise: The im­por­tant stuff, well, it’s bor­ing. Which is both good and bad ...
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