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No Follow · It’s nice to see that Google has tak­en up the cud­gels against com­ment spam in what seems like an ef­fec­tive way. I can see an­oth­er ap­pli­ca­tion: it al­lows me to ex­press neg­a­tive feel­ings hy­per­tex­tu­al­ly with­out col­lat­er­al Google-juice dam­age. For ex­am­ple, the re­cent referrer-spam perp­s, who are pa­thet­ic losers, in­ef­fec­tu­al mo­rons, abu­sive preda­tors, and prob­a­bly de­serve to be in jail. There, wasn’t that fun? Which sug­gests an en­hance­men­t: rel="justlabel", which says “don’t count this link for rank­ing pur­pos­es, but do take its con­tent se­ri­ous­ly as rel­e­vant to the in­di­cat­ed site.”
What Do Tags Mean? · I’m al­most con­vinced that this new Tech­no­rati Tags thing is im­por­tan­t, but I’m 100% con­vinced that I don’t un­der­stand where it’s go­ing or what the im­pli­ca­tions are. Which is OK, be­cause I sus­pect no­body else does ei­ther ...
Testing Backward · I just wast­ed some time by mak­ing a re­al dumb mis­take in my unit test­ing se­tup, and I think that when tech blog­gers do this they should pub­lish the de­tail­s, be­cause wis­dom is in large part the knowl­edge of how to avoid do­ing dumb things, and thus grows glob­al­ly as a func­tion of the pub­lished in­ven­to­ry of stupid mis­takes. Thus, here­with, a de­scrip­tion of how you can waste time by do­ing your unit test­ing just slight­ly wrong. [Up­dat­ed: A sug­gest­ed best prac­tice to avoid this.] [And again.] ...
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