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Ms Maler · Hey, Eve’s here! I ex­pect great things. What she doesn’t high­light in her ba­sic bio is that she helped in­vent XML, and has great hair, and is fun­ny. Oh, and dig her URL. Now she’s a WordPress geek too; seems to be a grow­ing tribe.
UBL by the Numbers · Via Jon Bosak, a point­er to this XML 2004 pre­sen­ta­tion (Pow­erPoin­t, sigh), about the Dan­ish Government’s de­ploy­ment of a bunch of XML tech­nolo­gies in­clud­ing UBL. Check out slides 4 & 5: they es­ti­mate the an­nu­al sav­ings achiev­able from in­voic­ing in UBL at some­where be­tween €100M and €160M. I may be out of step with the crowd but it seems painful­ly ob­vi­ous to me that UBL is go­ing to be huge and I don’t un­der­stand why more tech­nol­o­gy ven­dors (in­clud­ing my em­ploy­er) aren’t re­fo­cus­ing their e-business strat­e­gy around it.
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