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· · 2004
· · · December
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Software in the TLP Era · Fly­ing over the At­lantic, I read all eight parts of Chris Rijk’s Thread Lev­el Par­al­lelism De­sign De­ci­sions, and I wish a few more soft­ware geeks would go and read it. Here­with a few notes on soft­ware de­sign in the era of Thread Lev­el Par­al­lelis­m ...
Why OpenOffice? · From one Jem Berkes, of whom I’ve nev­er pre­vi­ous­ly heard, a nice, com­pact tour through all the rea­sons you might want to base your work on the OpenOf­fice.org soft­ware rather than the al­ter­na­tive. There’s noth­ing ground­break­ing or sur­pris­ing, just some ob­vi­ous points that need to be made and here are made well.
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