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Darkening · This time of year, weeks yet till the short­est day and still it’s dusk so ear­ly, and the weath­er not help­ing; on­ly to­day there was light enough for pic­tures, al­beit dark ...
JambOO.o! ·  Via Si­mon Phipps, a sig­nif­i­cant step for­ward for Kiswahili chain­gizwa kati­ka Pro­gra­mu Huria na zi­na­zopatikana bu­re, which is to say “Swahili Free and Open Source Software”: the first ev­er re­lease of a free of­fice suite soft­ware in Swahili, called Jam­bo OpenOf­fice. This whole Open/Free soft­ware thing, it’s not just one hemi­sphere or eco­nom­ic sphere or eth­nic sphere, it’s, well, ev­ery­body ev­ery­where.
xfy · The full name is xfy Tech­nol­o­gy; it’s one of the most in­ter­est­ing pieces of new XML soft­ware I’ve seen in a long time. On the sur­face it’s an edit­ing sys­tem, but the world has lots of those. There are three things that are in­ter­est­ing here. First of al­l, it’s from Just­sys­tem, a Ja­panese soft­ware ven­dor which has gone toe-to-toe with Mi­crosoft for a decade, carv­ing out their fair share (and then some) of the office-suite mar­ket; so they should be tak­en se­ri­ous­ly. Se­cond, it’s got the slick­est SVG-editing de­mo I’ve ev­er seen, you stretch shapes and watch the XML source code change, or vice ver­sa. Fi­nal­ly, they told us it was all-Java and I was watch­ing the de­mo and I was re­al­ly im­pressed at the snap­py, at­trac­tive UI, but then I got puz­zled and said “I thought you were us­ing Swing but, uh, what’s that?” “Well,” the soft-spoken young Ja­panese en­gi­neer al­lowed, “we are, but then we cre­at­ed some cus­tom controls.” It just may be that the world head­quar­ters of Ja­va UI in­no­va­tion is cur­rent­ly on the oth­er side of the Paci­fic.
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