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NB4 RC1 · Which in English means “NetBeans 4.0 Re­lease Can­di­date 1”. I’d been dis­tract­ed from work on the Zep­pelin project for a cou­ple of months but have upped tools again and the tool is NB4RC1. The news is most­ly good ...
When Secrets Make Sense · Re­cent­ly I wrote a short piece mak­ing a strong and gen­er­al claim that the same forces that are push­ing da­ta to­wards XML are push­ing soft­ware to­wards Open Source. There was an in­ter­est­ing and well-written push­back from Microsoft’s Joe Marini. I think that, as Joe says, there are places in soft­ware where se­crets make busi­ness sense; but we dis­agree as to where they are ...
Weblogs.com Needs Help · As any­one who pings it knows, we­blogs.­com is not hold­ing up well un­der the strain of the blogosphere’s growth curve. To­day Dave Win­er is ask­ing for help in get­ting it re-engineered. He seems to be con­vinced that it has to be done in C; I wouldn’t be sur­prised if a smart PHP or Ja­va (Ve­loc­i­ty may­be?) im­ple­men­ta­tion could car­ry the load just as well. On the oth­er hand, for some­one who’s nev­er writ­ten an Apache mod­ule, this would be a sim­ple one, it’s a use­ful skil­l, and that’s about as close to the met­al as you can get. In any case, I’m pret­ty sure Dave’s right that it wouldn’t be a good idea for a big com­pa­ny (like Sun, for ex­am­ple) to step up and say “we’ll do it” be­cause the sus­pi­cion of cheat­ing from out­sider­s, and the temp­ta­tion to tilt the ta­ble a lit­tle for in­sid­er­s, would both be a re­al is­sue. A pity, be­cause a big com­pa­ny (like Sun, for ex­am­ple) al­ready has the in­fras­truc­ture to sup­port this and wouldn’t even no­tice the band­width. And a pity be­cause I al­ready know how to write Apache mod­ules and would like to learn Ve­loc­i­ty. I’m du­bi­ous that the no­tion of “one cen­tral place that ev­ery­one pings” is go­ing to hold up for the long ter­m, but for the time be­ing it’s use­ful and would be a good project for any­one with the cy­cles to spare.
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