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The Last Leaves of 2004 · Back in Septem­ber of last year, I wrote: “There’s a vi­su­al ef­fect that I’ve on­ly seen here in rainy green B.C. and has so far elud­ed all my cam­eras. It works like this: On a grey day, as dusk gath­er­s, some­thing you’d think would be un­re­mark­able, like a fern against old wood, or these au­tum­n­pearleaves, can make you look twice or three times, colour reach­ing deep in­to your ma­chiner­ies of vi­sion. I think it’s of the mind rather than the eye­s, but haven’t aban­doned hope for lucky light on a dark day with cam­era in hand.” This one gets halfway there ...
The Cherry-Tomato Challenge · I have re­cent­ly ad­just­ed the on­go­ing soft­ware so that each and ev­ery im­age has de­scrip­tive text in both its alt and ti­tle at­tributes. This is good ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty prac­tice and should al­so make it pos­si­ble for search en­gines to find my pic­tures. But they can’t. The im­age here, which is in a file whose name, un­help­ful­ly, is IMGP0990.p­ng, is cor­rect­ly la­beled in both ti­tle and alt at­tributes as “Sunlit cher­ry toma­toes on white-painted wood.” I just now vis­it­ed John Battelle’s help­ful list of search en­gines and lots of them of­fered “image search” ca­pa­bil­i­ties, but not one turned that pic­ture up when I searched for “sunlit cher­ry tomatoes”. (Lots of them turn the page up when you do an or­di­nary text search.) How hard can it be? I here­by promise that when I find a cred­i­ble general-purpose Web Image Search tool that leads me to that pic­ture via “sunlit cher­ry tomatoes”, I will pub­lish a rave re­view here and do my best to spread the word.
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