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People Are Not Design Elements · David Wein­berg­er point­ed to BlogEx­plo­sion, which seems like a de­cent enough idea, but it’s clear­ly not for me be­cause, based on the site’s front page, it is de­signed for use by peo­ple in sun­ny cli­mates who have lots of hair. In fac­t, now that the in­dus­try has moved past time-wasting Flash­tur­ba­tion in­tros, my number-one gripe about cor­po­rate web sites is the use of anony­mous bright shiny hap­py peo­ple (care­ful­ly bal­anced as to race and gen­der) as de­sign el­e­ments. This en­try was go­ing to be a snarl about the clue­less big cor­po­ra­tions who do this, so I thought I’d start my ex­co­ri­a­tion with the For­tune 500, but of the first fif­teen, not one is clear­ly guilty. Lots of them have pic­tures of peo­ple, but they are clear­ly ei­ther em­ploy­ees (even, as with IBM, iden­ti­fied by name) or cus­tomer­s, de­pict­ed as such. Most of the sites seem to be pret­ty no-nonsense, some even rea­son­ably lightweight, de­signed to get you where you’re go­ing. Some even man­age to be nice-looking, too. The world got a bit more clue­ful while I wasn’t pay­ing at­ten­tion; neat.
More Relax · I of­ten cau­tion peo­ple against re­ly­ing too heav­i­ly on schema val­i­da­tion. “After all,” I say, “there is lots of ob­vi­ous run-time check­ing that schemas can’t do, for ex­am­ple, ver­i­fy­ing a part number.” It turns out I was wrong; with a lit­tle ex­tra work, you can wire in part-number validation—or pret­ty well any­thing else—to Re­laxNG. El­liotte Rusty Harold ex­plains how. Fur­ther ev­i­dence, if any were re­quired, that Re­laxNG is the world’s best schema lan­guage, and that any­one who who’s us­ing XML but not Re­laxNG should be ner­vous.
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