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Canon Upgrade and Eulogy · My beloved Canon S50 has not been do­ing that well. It takes pret­ty good pic­tures, but it’s been dropped and whacked a few too many times (my fault) and has been in the shop twice for a prob­lem which just now re­curred, here in Wash­ing­ton at XML2004. Over at DPR, they’ve re­viewed two gen­er­a­tions of S50 suc­ces­sor (S60 and S70, how imag­i­na­tive), all very pos­i­tive­ly, and a close read­ing re­veals that the things Canon had changed are ex­act­ly the ones that had been ir­ri­tat­ing in the S50. So rather than fix­ing the S50, I es­caped the con­fer­ence for a bit—ah, balmy sun­ny DC au­tumn day—and got an S70. Lighter, stronger, thin­ner, bet­ter lens, can re-use the old flash­card and bat­tery so now I have two. Very nice. Plus, prices haven’t ad­just­ed in Cana­da to the re­cent steep climb in our dol­lar, so I prob­a­bly saved $50 or bet­ter by buy­ing down here, even af­ter I pay the sales tax at the bor­der. By way of eu­lo­gy for the S50, here are three re­cent na­ture ab­stract­s; ev­i­dence that a lit­tle wee pock­et cam­er­a, when the pho­tog­ra­pher gets luck­y, can hold its head up unashamed in the com­pa­ny of ti­tan­ic cam­eras three times its size and ten times its price ...
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