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In Virginia · I’m not, but ongoing is now, having moved three timezones over from Vancouver to a comfy new Athlon 2200 with, they tell me, good connectivity. Matt carried off the transfer with only the slightest of hitches, we’ll see how it goes. Should make everything much cheaper, which was the point. Since we’re in metapublishing mode, read on for my latest browser-market-share numbers and some notes on Google AdSense trends ...
See Ya in 2004? · The kid and I went for a walk and had pizza this morning with a fellow named “Ranger Tim”; the name will be familiar to Dervala’s aficionados. See, these names you read in blogs are actual real people! It was pleasant. In that spirit, here’s where I’ll be for the rest of the year; If I’m going to be in your neighborhood, consider getting in touch. For most of the week of Nov. 15th I’m in DC at the XML 2004 conference, featuring the Atom Hackathon. The 22nd and 23rd I’ll be in the Bay Area for some meetings, and once again December 6-8. December 15th I’ll be in Antwerp, Belgium, for Javapolis, which should be good fun; I assume I’ll be in Europe a day or two either side of that.
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