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Autumn Blues · The blues here are colours not feel­ings, most­ly ...
Politeness and Cluelessness · I was just get­ting ready to knock off when Jonathan post­ed a piece with all sorts of thought­ful re­marks about the Ja­va con­stituen­cies (note plu­ral), and a pass­ing ref­er­ence to “binary extremes” in ref­er­ence to these re­marks by Richard Ep­stein, in the Fi­nan­cial Times no less. James Gover­nor has al­ready giv­en Ep­stein a few well-deserved whacks, and I’ve been try­ing to think of some­thing more cre­ative to say than “This clue­less wind­bag doesn’t know what he’s writ­ing about.” Among oth­er things, he of­fers blue-sky spec­u­la­tion (a­ka FUD) about what might go wrong with the GPL but hasn’t yet. Then he con­fus­es com­mit­ters with com­mit­tees, in fact us­ing the phrase “central committee” to sug­gest the smell of Com­mies un­der the bed. Lu­di­crous­ly, he as­serts that “Open Source... can­not scale up to meet its own successes.” Uh, well, Lin­ux, Apache, gc­c, OpenOf­fice, Mozil­la... fe­h. Cru­cial­ly, he ap­par­ent­ly hasn’t no­ticed that Open Source is fun to do, and an ex­cel­lent peer-group sta­tus en­hancer; fun and peer-group sta­tus be­ing ap­prox­i­mate­ly the two most pow­er­ful stim­uli known to Ho­mo Sapi­ens. Jonathan of­fers clues (check out the trail­ing hy­per­link) but I think I’ll just stay with “doesn’t know what he’s writ­ing about.”
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