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Better than Theatre · Every­body loves a sto­ry, ev­ery­body loves dra­ma in a sto­ry, ev­ery­body likes the pain and an­guish to be in the mid­dle and the hap­pi­ness at the end. It is ridicu­lous, just ridicu­lous, how worked up a cou­ple of dozen peo­ple in the bar at a geek con­fer­ence in ru­ral Wash­ing­ton state can get over a base­ball game three time-zones away. Let’s just all sus­pend our dis­be­lief and our knowl­edge of the cor­rup­tion and abuse and ug­li­ness in pro­fes­sion­al sport­s, and just soak in that hap­py end­ing. Do the Red Sox have the best hair in pro sports or what? Rec­om­mend­ed: Col­by Cosh’s Keep telling your­self it’s just a game.
Showing Off · At the Sells Con­fer­ence, Jeff Barr just gave us an hour or so on Amazon’s lat­est web-services of­fer­ings. The one I liked was the Alexa Web In­for­ma­tion Ser­vice, which gives you a pro­gram­mat­ic hook in­to the big, nifty Alexa database. Here’s how cool raw HTTP+XML web ser­vices are: while Jeff was talk­ing, I went and got my­self an Ama­zon Sub­scriber ID and cob­bled to­geth­er a CGI script with perl and curl and sed so you can type a URI in­to a web page and it’ll bounce back with a nice dis­play of its Alexa rank. I’d post it here at on­go­ing for your plea­sure, ex­cept for curl doesn’t seem to be in­stalled. Jeff didn’t get to AWIS un­til he was three-quarters of the way through his talk, but that was plen­ty of time. The point is, as sev­er­al peo­ple here at the con­fer­ence have said, it isn’t about REST or SOAP or WS-* or .NET or Ja­va or what­ev­er, it’s about easy.
¡Viva 2396bis! · After an incredibly-long and twist­ed jour­ney, with oceans of ar­gu­ments and moun­tains of ex­am­ples and end­less test­ing and val­i­da­tion, with con­tri­bu­tions from a crowd a peo­ple but most of the hauling-up-the-slope due to Roy Field­ing (the world thanks him), RFC2396bis is an IETF In­ter­net Stan­dard. Read it here (to hell, I say, with the IETF’s id­i­ot­ic 66-lines-by-80-column ASCII), and re­joice. There is now ac­tu­al­ly an of­fi­cial def­i­ni­tion of what we mean when we say “URI” and when we say “URL” we re­al­ly mean “URI” so it ap­plies there too; an of­fi­cial def­i­ni­tion, I say, which cleans up the fuzzy spots and goofy spots and ab­sent spot­s, and on top of all that it’s some­what human-readable.
The Fifth XML Developers’ Conference · I spent Wed­nes­day and Thurs­day at Chris Sells’ fifth XML Dev­con. This is a high-level gath­er­ing of the .NET XML (and thus Web-Services) com­mu­ni­ty. It’s be­ing blogged to the max (nice­ly ag­gre­gat­ed on the con­fer­ence site), and there’s an eWeek per­son here jour­nal­iz­ing in re­al­time. It’s been fun and ed­u­ca­tion­al ...
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