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Flashback · I got an email from Phost, who works for Sun in Bei­jing; it turns out that my disk bench­mark named Bon­nie (not Rus­sell Coker’s up­dat­ed Bon­nie++ but my orig­i­nal 1990 ver­sion — argh, that page is hor­ri­bly un­main­tained) has been part of the So­laris Hard­ware Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty Test Suite for years, and it need­ed some up­dates, and they’d made them, and they sent it to me and asked what I thought. So I popped it open in Emac­s, what a weird feel­ing, all of a sud­den it was 1989 and I was sit­ting in an of­fice at the Univer­si­ty of Water­loo. Any­how, I sug­gest­ed a lit­tle mod to the mods and sent it back. Giv­en that I sus­pect the core se­man­tics of Unix-style filesys­tems are not apt to change for, well, I can’t imag­ine how long, I re­al­ize Bon­nie is cer­tain to out­live me. Sober­ing.
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