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Jamaville · I’m on va­ca­tion for a week in Saskatchewan; lots of fam­i­ly here, so we do this reg­u­lar­ly. Any­how, my Mom in Regi­na us­es dial-up, which mail vol­ume has made im­prac­ti­ca­ble for me. So, I was pret­ty well re­signed to be­ing most­ly Net-free. Ex­cept for, I’m sit­ting in Mom’s liv­ing room here in a nice or­di­nary res­i­den­tial neigh­bor­hood and I turn on the com­put­er to check some­thing and here’s this WiFi net­work named “jamaville,” the sig­nal is on­ly re­al­ly sta­ble in one cor­ner of the liv­ing room, but hey, I’m on-line. I told my Mom the name and she drew a blank on all the neigh­bors and even called one who’s kind of high-tech, no idea who it is. The word doesn’t even show up in Google (that is, it didn’t un­til to­day). So who­ev­er you are, Ja­mav­ille, thanks and my apolo­gies for leech­ing a lit­tle band­width for the next cou­ple of days. Hm­m, if WiFi is show­ing up in ran­dom lo­ca­tions in small Prairie cities, doesn’t that mean it’s pret­ty soon go­ing to be ba­si­cal­ly ev­ery­where? [Up­date: Follow-up on Google prop­a­ga­tion weird­ness and content-replication lame­ness.] ...
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