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What Adam Said · A month or two ago, I got a call out of the blue from some guy I nev­er heard at a re­cruit­ing shop say­ing “I’m look­ing for a ref­er­ence on Adam Bosworth.” I’m afraid I gave the guy a hard time, first I took him for a prankster and then I rant­ed at him along the lines of “You’re talk­ing about prob­a­bly one of top twen­ty soft­ware peo­ple in the world, have you nev­er heard of Qu­at­tro Pro and Mi­crosoft Ac­cess and IE 4? What are you talk­ing to me for?” To his cred­it, the guy was pa­tient and ex­plained that this was Google and Google is dif­fer­en­t. So I told him about my ex­po­sure to Adam over the years and all the things it’s painful­ly ob­vi­ous that he’s good at, and I’m sure the oth­er peo­ple they called did too, and now he’s at Google. But what I re­al­ly want­ed to say to­day is, go read his lat­est piece, he says in one para­graph what I’ve been rav­ing about for months in the area of Web Ser­vices: “The re­al­ly use­ful things turn out to be the sim­plest ones.” How many times do we have to re-learn this lesson? Any­how, there’s more, and it’s all good.
Loosestrife · Some point each year (well af­ter “midsummer” in late June) comes to feel like the heart of sum­mer; it’s been there a long time, it’s go­ing to be for a while yet, days are still long, the gar­den has left its spring sprint be­hind but is still run­ning strong. This year’s midsummer-pictures as­sem­blage fea­tures “Gooseneck Loosestrife,” and what a name that is ...
Bumper Crop · Pic­tures for the tum­my ...
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