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Telephone Inflection · Just a cou­ple of da­ta points. I spent an hour talk­ing to Hen­ry Sto­ry in France this morn­ing, he’s do­ing some work on BlogEd and giv­en the ob­vi­ous pain around Web au­thor­ing, maybe we should be look­ing clos­er at that. Oh, Hen­ry and I didn’t use the tele­phone, that would cost mon­ey, we chat­ted face-to-face across eight time­zones via iChat AV, which is of course free. Other tele­pho­ny news: I have a Von­age phone on my of­fice desk, and now Von­age tells me that for an ad­di­tion­al C$12.50/­mon­th, I can get a SoftPhone. If I do, then my com­put­er will have a phone num­ber... that phrase some­how res­onates; I don’t think I un­der­stand what it means yet. Mean­while, Rus­sell Beat­tie has been telling us about the present and near-future (1, 2, and 3) of wire­less. It seems to me that the whole world-wide tele­phone busi­ness has been smashed in­to lit­tle pieces and thrown up in­to the air, and who can tell what it’s go­ing to look like when it all land­s. [Up­date: Later the same day, the launch of Skype 1.0 for Win­dows. Hold on tight.]
Geophony · I’m gin­ger­ly ex­plor­ing video... this week­end I added a Sony ECM-MS908C mi­cro­phone to my Canon DV cam­er­a. Here­with a re­port and thoughts on which way the me­dia are go­ing. Warn­ing: con­tains a 54-second 8-meg Quick­time rock video (but I did fig­ure out how to keep the video from auto-starting) ...
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