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Political Publishing · The news­me­dia are stiff with won­der­ment at this new blog­ging thang, per­son­i­fied by a few dozen of the pesky varmints re­al­ly be­ing there (what a con­cep­t) at the Demo­crat­ic Na­tion­al Con­ven­tion. Tech­no­rati (dis­clo­sure: I’m on the Ad­vi­so­ry Board) is try­ing to do the big­ger pic­ture, and ev­ery time I go to that page it’s in­ter­est­ing; al­so Br’er Dave Sifry is go­ing to be CNN’s Am­bas­sador from Bl­o­gis­tan. We could do way worse. The meta-story is more in­ter­est­ing than the sto­ry, al­most by def­i­ni­tion; the Demo­crat­ic par­ty wants to have an ex­tend­ed tightly-controlled five-day in­fomer­cial; the last thing they want is ac­tu­al news. The news me­dia will play along to some ex­tent but al­so be fu­ri­ous­ly look­ing for some re­al sur­prise or con­flict or sub­terfuge in the spir­it of if-it-bleeds-it-leads. Two ob­vi­ous ways the Bl­o­gis­ta­nis could make a dif­fer­ence would be by un­cov­er­ing (un­ex­pect­ed­ly) re­al news, or by find­ing some way to make this large­ly for­mal and content-free event a lit­tle more hu­man, a lit­tle more mean­ing­ful, a lit­tle fun­nier. Best of luck, boys and girl­s. (PS: While on the sub­ject of the po­lit­i­cal pro­cess and the Web as a medi­um, the Elec­toral Vote Pre­dic­tor strikes me as el­e­gan­t, seam­less, and new.)
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