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Tribal Drumbeat · Some­times it feels like a fam­i­ly. What hap­pened was, we’re hav­ing all this angst over in Atom-land about well-formedness and me­dia types and the fact that RSS is usu­al­ly served “wrong” and the prob­lems this caus­es. Wel­l, be­fore too much longer, there are go­ing to be a lot of Web re­sources named this.atom, that.atom, and the-other.atom be­ing dished out by Web Servers ev­ery­where, and by de­fault those servers are gonna look at the names and say “Dot-atom what? Yer tex­t/­plain, punk.” So I ap­pealed to Greg Stein of Apache and Google, and he had a pow-wow and re­port­ed back I've gone ahead and done this: the ap­pli­ca­tion/atom+xml (for .atom) type will ap­pear in our next re­leas­es (A­pache 1.3.32 and Apache 2.0.51), when­ev­er those come out. Wel­l, Apache’s not the on­ly serv­er out there, so I wrote off to Obasan­jo and Scoble and said “Here’s the prob­lem, how about IIS?”. So Scoble did some dig­ging and got rout­ed to Thomas Dem­l, lead pro­gram man­ag­er on IIS, and I saw a for­ward­ed email say­ing The change goes in­to Win2K3, SP1. Now if we could sort out the rest of the Internet’s is­sues that smooth­ly... any­how, thanks guys.
Cabinet · This is about a mag­a­zine that you’ve prob­a­bly nev­er read, but might want to have a look at ...
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