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JIS on Commodities · Nor­mal­ly, when I point to pieces by peo­ple from Sun, I try to fo­cus on the ones who are just get­ting go­ing and per­haps could use a lit­tle ex­tra traf­fic. Wel­l, Jonathan Schwartz is al­ready well-established; on­go­ing gets more traf­fic just from be­ing on his blogroll than from a Dave Win­er flame. So I’m flab­ber­gast­ed that Jonathan’s piece on com­modi­ties hasn’t been ei­ther slash­dot­ted or writ­ten up in the Wall Street Jour­nal, or both; how of­ten does the Pres­i­dent of one of the tech industry’s big play­ers drive a stake in the ground and shout “This busi­ness is like the rail­way busi­ness, and that’s good”? Go have an­oth­er look.
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