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The Lines Cross · In the week end­ing Satur­day Ju­ly 10, 2004, for the first time, on­go­ing re­ceived more vis­its from browsers in the Mozil­la fam­i­ly than from In­ter­net Ex­plor­er. I’ve at­tached a graph ...
Honeysuckle · This flower’s name it­self is pure love ...
Umami · This is a word used by food­ies to de­scribe a “fifth taste,” ac­com­pa­ny­ing sweet, sour, bit­ter, and salty. It’s al­so the name of a restau­rant here in Van­cou­ver on the south side of Davie just east of Sey­mour; there’s a rather over-wrought write-up on­line from Van­cou­ver Magazine. Any­how, this evening Uma­mi gave us the best dish I’ve had any­where this year; I’m not a se­ri­ous food­ie but we eat out a bit and Van­cou­ver is def­i­nite­ly a food­ie city, so the claim is sig­nif­i­can­t. It was grilled as­para­gus wrapped in prosci­ut­to with some lit­tle boc­conci­nis and toma­to sec­tions on the side. Divine.
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