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Big Numbers, Steep Slopes · Check out these num­bers and graphs from Dave Sifry. Like I keep say­ing, I’ve seen this movie be­fore, and it was ten years ago, and it was called The Web then.
Latency · [For Java/net­work­ing geeks on­ly.] I have these two Ja­va pro­gram­s, talk­ing through an or­di­nary TCP/IP sock­et. The client sends a (medium-sized) se­ri­al­ized ob­ject to the server, which does a lit­tle bit of com­pu­ta­tion and ac­knowl­edges by send­ing a (s­mal­l) ob­ject back. Straight writeOb­jec­t()/read­Ob­jec­t() calls with setTcpNoDe­lay(true) in ef­fec­t. When both of them are run­ning on my 1.25Ghz Pow­erBook here, the la­ten­cy re­quired for the whole trans­ac­tion is like 190m­sec, which is hor­ri­ble. So I moved the serv­er code down to the mouldy old P300 De­bian box in the base­men­t, talk­ing to it over two or three legs of WiFi and Eth­er­net switch­es, and the la­ten­cy dropped to around 33m­sec; still not great, but the dif­fer­ence is in­struc­tive.
California Wedding · Last week­end we went to a wed­ding in San­ta Clara and had fun and took pic­tures. Best wish­es to Ro­hit and Sm­ru­ti! ...
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