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On Execublogging · As you can well imag­ine, Jonathan Schwartz’s de­ci­sion to go on­line has in­volved plen­ty of in­ter­nal dis­cus­sion, and some anx­i­ety on the part of our le­gal and PR staff. But once you think about it, it’s not re­al­ly that big a deal; a guy like Jonathan is typ­i­cal­ly talk­ing to jour­nal­ists and an­a­lysts and oth­er out­siders ev­ery week, some­times ev­ery day; so this in fact is prob­a­bly a lower-risk ac­tiv­i­ty, since he’s not be­ing in­ter­me­di­at­ed by some­one who might have their own agen­da. Ob­vi­ous­ly he’s go­ing to have to be care­ful in the qui­et pe­ri­od around our earn­ings, but they learn about that in ex­ec­u­tive kinder­garten. We had a talk off-line and I rec­om­mend­ed that he write a few pieces in ad­vance of launch­ing, to give it some mo­men­tum. Jonathan said, “I’ve al­ready writ­ten nine, this is great, ev­ery time I think of some­thing that needs say­ing I can just say it!” I think that guy’s hooked. And for the first few min­utes af­ter launch, un­til the proof-readers got there, one of the point­ers on the front page was to a fa­mous jour­nal­ist, name mis-spelled. Now that’d be your world-class irony.
NetBeans Profiler Yee-hah! · This will be (blush) my first un­qual­i­fied over-the-top fan­nish rave about a piece of Sun tech­nol­o­gy. Those who are not Ja­va geek­s, and those who don’t wor­ry about ap­pli­ca­tion per­for­mance, and those who are em­bar­rassed by un­abashed boos­t­er­ism can all move right along, noth­ing to see here. Wel­l, there’s al­so a fun­ny Emac­s/Gosling foot­note [... which I up­dat­ed since many peo­ple wrote me that I had mis­at­tribut­ed Emac­s] ...
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