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Google Censorship, Ouch · From Perrspec­tives, a fair­ly or­di­nary U.S. left-liberal po­lit­i­cal site (but with an above-average sense of hu­mor), a shock­ing sto­ry of be­ing cut off by Google AdWords for “language that ad­vo­cates against an in­di­vid­u­al, group, or organization.” Earth to Google: that coun­try you’re based in is go­ing through a war and an elec­tion! A sub­stan­tial part of the pop­u­la­tion is (quite prop­er­ly) ad­vo­cat­ing like crazy against one po­lit­i­cal fac­tion or an­oth­er as a re­sult of one or the oth­er. The Perrspec­tives folks point out that the pol­i­cy, on top of be­ing, uh, wrong, is al­so bro­ken, in fact lots of peo­ple are us­ing Google AdWords for po­lit­i­cal rhetoric and polemic; the ap­pear­ance is ei­ther of po­lit­i­cal bias or of in­com­pe­tence. I’m not sure whether I’m say­ing Don’t be evil or Don’t be stupid but whichev­er, please don’t.
Beer, Java, Bloggers, San Francisco · Sounds like a good recipe. Read all about it here, then drop by the Thirsty Bear (shout­ing dis­tance from Moscone) some­time start­ing 6:30 next Mon­day.
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