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NetBeans · I’ve been us­ing NetBeans to in­flate the Zep­pelin, and you know what, it’s not bad. The Mac in­te­gra­tion could be a lit­tle bet­ter, but a whole lot of things I need to do are one keystroke away. It runs plen­ty fast enough on the Pow­erBook (mind you, on­ly a few thou­sand lines of code so far). JUnit’s right there, which is nice. The de­bug­ger makes it a lit­tle too hard to to keep an eye on class vari­ables, but aside from that does about what I need; when I was driv­en to “print” state­ments the oth­er day I was fight­ing a com­plex sock­et con­ver­sa­tion be­tween two ma­chines where one side sud­den­ly start­ed see­ing EOFs and I couldn’t even tell which side was wrong, I’m not sure there’s a de­bug­ger in the world that would have been much help there. Now all I need is to get Jython in­te­grat­ed, and we’re mak­ing progress on that, stay tuned.
Sunbeams, Father’s Day Edition · A few days back, Jeff Dil­lon point­ed out that on the face of it, Google and its ilk are vi­o­lat­ing the spir­it of the GPL. Ob­vi­ous once you read it. Man-Ching Wong is grip­ing too, but in a mild way about pulling a customer-support shift on the week­end. It’s ob­vi­ous that a com­pa­ny like Sun must have a ton of peo­ple like MC, but this is the first ex­po­sure I’ve had, it’s a dif­fer­ent world. On the So­laris fron­t, we have Eric Schrock show­ing cool So­laris tricks that I would have killed for back in my integration-geek days; how the hell do they do that? Then you might’ve heard some­thing about So­laris and Open Source? On that sub­ject Andy Tuck­er is da man (well, one of ’em any­how) and he’s wrestling with what So­laris OSS means, don’t miss it. Fi­nal­ly, Norm Walsh has a love­ly photo-essay; and if the pic­tures aren’t enough for you, start pok­ing around a lit­tle bit in Norm’s site and read how he does it, maybe you think you’ve ev­er done deep meta­data? Norm’s way ahead of you.
The Guy in the Tank · Lau­ren asks a re­al good ques­tion: I of­ten won­der what hap­pened to the per­son driv­ing the tank at Tianan­men Square, the one who didn’t roll over the sin­gle protestor stand­ing in the way?
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