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Canadian Election · We’re hav­ing an elec­tion up here in Cana­da right now. K5 has a de­cent write-up; here­with some more, try­ing to give a fla­vor for the thing ...
It’s the Libraries, Stupid · Via Jeff Dil­lon, some in­sight­ful words on pro­gram­ming in Ja­va and in the C#/.NET/Mono ecosys­tem. I hadn’t thought about it that way.
15 Science Street · Rue de la Science to be ex­ac­t, in Brus­sel­s; a non­de­script ad­dress in the end­less sprawl of Euro­pean Union in­fras­truc­ture. What hap­pened was, a few days be­fore I start­ed at Sun on March 15, they called up and said “Would you like to go to Brus­sels for a March 23 pre­sen­ta­tion on XML Of­fice Doc­u­ment Formats?” OpenOf­fice.org vs. Mi­crosoft, nat­u­ral­ly ...
The Summer ’04 Look · Here­with a new look for on­go­ing. Smaller, sleek­er, chic-er, suit­able for those who run their browsers less than 800 pix­els wide (but why would you want to do that?), the con­tent col­umn may get un­com­fort­ably bul­gy in In­ter­net Ex­plor­er, but that’s on­ly about half the vis­i­tors here and af­ter all there is a so­lu­tion. I feel some angst be­cause of my un­re­con­struct­ed white back­ground, all my coo­lio ace-pro de­sign­er heroes have ad­vanced bold­ly in­to exquisitely-pale pas­tels in one del­i­cate fla­vor or an­oth­er. Bah, less is more. A re­quest; take a look at the Serif style, it’s how I look at this thing and it’s now the de­fault for first-time vis­i­tors.
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