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Atom Community Meeting Report · Here­with notes and re­port­ing from the Atom Com­mu­ni­ty Meet­ing, June 2nd at Sun’s San­ta Clara cam­pus. I’ll up­date this frag­ment all day and see how that goes. IRC is ir­c://ir­c.freen­ode.net#atom, lots of peo­ple there. I’m writ­ing this in chrono­log­i­cal or­der, not blog or­der, so the new stuff is at the bot­tom. Here are Wal­ter Underwood’s notes. [Up­date: 4:40PM] ...
From the Web · I was talk­ing to Mark Hap­n­er, a smart guy here at Sun who does heavy Ja­va ar­chi­tec­ture, about WS-Sanity, and he had an an­gle that’s new to me. In re­cent decades, he points out, good new tech­nolo­gies have first ap­peared in rough-and-ready form on the In­ter­net, then mi­grat­ed in­to the en­ter­prise. (I re­mem­ber when query track­ing first showed up on the FedEx site; that was ten years ago, and it in­stant­ly opened a few mil­lion eyes to a bet­ter new way to de­liv­er data). But all the WS-* hul­la­baloo is try­ing to go the oth­er way; it’s try­ing to mod­el all the (nec­es­sary) com­plex­i­ties of cur­rent IT in­fras­truc­ture and turn them in­to many thick lay­ers of ab­strac­tions wrapped around a Web­bish core. So, if you be­lieved in his­to­ry, where would you look for the fu­ture of “Web Services?” You’d look at the peo­ple who are do­ing them in a rough-and-ready fash­ion out there on the Net. The names that come to my mind are Ama­zon, Google, EBay, Sales­force.­com, maybe SABRE. [Up­date: Via the Sabre Geek, a point­er to what they’re do­ing.] What­ev­er they’re do­ing, that’s Web Ser­vices or SOA or the Ser­vices Fabric or what­ev­er you want to call it. Any­thing they don’t need, maybe it isn’t go­ing to be re­al im­por­tan­t.
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