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iChat AV Irritation · So, I can video-chat to Si­mon Phipps in his place in Southamp­ton, Eng­land just fine. Steve Gill­mor can video-chat to Si­mon too. But Steve and I can’t video-chat to each oth­er. Con­nec­tionDoc­tor says Steve’s not re­spond­ing to my UDP pack­et­s. NatCheck says nothing’s wrong. I turned off my fire­wal­l, but I’m sit­ting be­hind a DSL mo­dem and a D-Link router that may be screw­ing things up. Mark me puz­zled. [Up­date: Flip Rus­sel­l, who’s been around this track, writes to tell me that here and there around the In­ter­net are routers that just don’t route UDP, and that if one of those is be­tween you and who­ev­er you’re try­ing to iChat with, au­dio/video just isn’t go­ing to hap­pen, and there’s prob­a­bly noth­ing you can do about it.]
Sean++ · Sean McGrath speaks wis­dom about Trans­ac­tions and SOA. Any­one who’s try­ing to find their way through the WS-Confusion would do well to pay reg­u­lar at­ten­tion to Sean. Among oth­er things, he does large SOA de­ploy­ments for a liv­ing; we’re talk­ing prac­tice not the­o­ry.
Another Year’s Harvest · There’s a gen­er­al air of gath­er­ing ex­pec­ta­tion around the house; Lau­ren chairs the big an­nu­al XML con­fer­ence and this week­end is the clos­ing date for pa­per sub­mis­sion­s. She keeps van­ish­ing be­hind the near­est com­put­er to check the in­box, and com­ing back with a smile. Then the assembly-line takes over: re­view­er as­sign­ments, re­view­er chivvy­ing, pa­per se­lec­tion, and then it’s get­ting in­to lo­gis­tics time. If you’ve nev­er been to one of the­se, you should go; you can get deep­er in­to the deep XML is­sues in a cou­ple hours in the ho­tel bar than in a week of sem­i­nars any­where else. And if you’re do­ing some­thing red-hot and ex­cit­ing with XML that the world needs to hear about, it’s (bare­ly) not too late to put vir­tu­al pen to vir­tu­al pa­per.
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