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B.D.’s Leg · I’m surprised there hasn’t been more buzz about Garry Trudeau having <a href='http://www.doonesbury.com/strip/dailydose/index.html?uc_full_date=20040421'>blown off B.D.’s leg</a> today (but, mercifully, apparently he’s going to live). It hit me kind of hard; this is the first time that the Iraq war has injured a “person I know” and I’ve known B.D. for going on thirty years now. I don’t suppose it’ll change the political landscape any, but you have to admire Trudeau for taking this on head-on. Plus, on the upside, he also took B.D.’s dorky helmet off, and it was getting kind of tired after all these years.
Bubblets · There are now little talk-bubbles attached to the articles here on the front page of <span class="o">ongoing</span>; each one is a branch, via <a href='http://www.technorati.com/'>Technorati</a>, to whoever out there might have pointed at the article it’s attached to. Which provokes a couple of observations and predictions ...
Maggie Time · A typically crappy cross-country trip following on two days’ East Coast insomnia has left me feeling pretty grungy, like the old campfire song has it: “My head hurts, my feet smell, and I don’t love Jesus...” But hey, I stumbled by the camera shop where the expensive repair job on the <a href='/ongoing/When/200x/2003/06/01/S50'>S50</a> was finished (not covered by warranty, mechanical failure due to external impact, sigh) and there are compensations, namely Maggie the Magnolia, often photographed in this space but really at her best this afternoon ...
Planet Sun · Several people have pointed to <a href='http://planetsun.org/'>Planet Sun</a>, a rather good aggregation of all the known Sun bloggers. It’s done by David Edmondson, whose own <a href='http://www.dme.org/log-archives/2004/04/21/what_do_you_carry_and_how.html'>uncollected thoughts</a> is well worth visiting. Also worthy of note in recent days is Mike Duigou on <a href='http://weblogs.java.net/pub/wlg/1207'>Complexity</a>, which totally captures the mental pain consequent on confronting a big new hairy URI. (But that whole Java.net space is organized in a weird way that I don’t quite get; hmm...). Also, <cite>Planet Sun</cite> is a clever name... for the next such project how about <cite>Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun</cite>? [For the under-40s, that’s a druggie-Sixties-music reference -Ed. (Yeah, but a great tune! -Tim)]
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