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A Keeper · I for­got who an­nounced this, but Keep­Me­dia (an or­ga­ni­za­tion about which I know noth­ing) now pro­vides a “Featured News” feed. It’s re­al­ly very good, a hand­ful of sto­ries once a day, from big-name pub­li­ca­tions (Busi­ness Week, The At­lantic, Esquire, USA To­day, etc.) all on the same sub­jec­t, usu­al­ly one of the day’s hot news­buzz things, but oc­ca­sion­al­ly a bit fur­ther afield. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed.
Welcome Mail.app to the Party · I have on sev­er­al oc­ca­sions dissed the Mac OS X email client “Mail.app” fair­ly heav­i­ly in this space. I fi­nal­ly got my­self smooth­ly in­te­grat­ed with the Sun VPN, and I must re­port that the lat­est re­lease of Mail.app is now han­dling both my email lives (Sun and Tex­tu­al­i­ty) smooth­ly, ef­fi­cient­ly, and with no fuss. The spam fil­ter­ing is fail­ing a bit un­der the pres­sure, but is still pret­ty darn good; and the fil­ter­ing and styling and thread­ing and so on is re­al­ly about all you could wish for. Another rea­son to think about mi­grat­ing to OS X.
Listen To Don · That Don Box, he’s a smart guy. I’m glad to hear I’m not the on­ly one wor­ry­ing that the profoundly-good Web-Services idea is dan­ger of be­ing dis­cred­it­ed by too much the­o­ry and not enough prac­tice.
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