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Hamburg Sunflower · I got fin­ished a lit­tle ear­ly Thurs­day and when I got to the ho­tel the sun was coast­ing low with not many clouds about, def­i­nite­ly a pho­to op­p; so I tossed the gear in the room and sal­lied forth with the cam­er­a. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, it was about 0°C with a brisk wind, so I sal­lied right in again be­fore very long, with numbed ex­trem­i­ties. But I got three shots that I think worth look­ing at. I se­ri­ous­ly con­sid­ered splic­ing them in­to the nar­ra­tive I’m go­ing to write about OpenOf­fice and the fu­ture of XML and blog­ging clients and so on, just to force the pix on the ge­ex, but that would be dis­hon­ourable ...
OpenOffice · I spent the day Thurs­day at StarOf­fice in Ham­burg and came away with some of my ideas about XML & blog­ging changed. It was a side-trip; oth­er busi­ness took me to Brus­sels and OpenOf­fice wasn’t that far away and I had an agen­da there, which we’ll get to. But this is im­por­tant stuff, I think. [Up­dat­ed with a point­er.] [And again with Ge­of Glass’ OO.o-to-blog gate­way.] ...
Travelers’ Advisory · I was check­ing in at Brus­sels for the Bri­tish Air­ways hop back to Heathrow, then home to Van­cou­ver. Un­for­tu­nate­ly they’ve sud­den­ly start­ed en­forc­ing the long-ignored pol­i­cy that no carry-on shall ex­ceed 6 kg in weight. My or­di­nary roll-on full of or­di­nary clothes and so on came in at 14 kg (my brief­case, on the oth­er hand, bulges with elec­tron­ics and has the spe­cif­ic grav­i­ty of lead, but they didn’t weigh that). So, I was go­ing to have to check it. Ex­cept for, Bri­tish Air­ways is OneWorld and Air Cana­da is Star Al­liance, so they couldn’t check it through to Van­cou­ver, I’d have to re­cov­er it at Heathrow. Ex­cept for, I had bare­ly two hours at Heathrow and had to change ter­mi­nal­s, which just doesn’t leave any slack for do­ing the lug­gage dance. This looked se­ri­ous and, in a soft-voiced, po­lite way, I made a scene. Three phone calls lat­er, they de­cid­ed to al­low me to car­ry it on board. Six kg is, frankly, ridicu­lous. This is yet an­oth­er step in the on­go­ing cam­paign by the air trav­el in­dus­try to make the ex­pe­ri­ence supreme­ly un­pleas­an­t. I ex­pect their ex­ec­u­tives all to end up in jail when the video­con­fer­enc­ing boom hits and it turns out they’ve been ac­cu­mu­lat­ing big eq­ui­ty hold­ings.
Yahoo Update · Not long ago I wrote a re­al­ly cyn­i­cal piece about Yahoo’s Paid Search pro­gram. Wel­l, I got some peo­ple mad at me, and follow-up is in or­der ...
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