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Happy · Th­ese are good times. Ten weeks of not work­ing (three weeks in Oz) was great, ramp­ing in­to a new-job hon­ey­moon is great, plus, hap­pi­est of al­l, I’ve got a Big Idea and with luck, I’m go­ing to get the cy­cles to build it out. For those of us with en­gi­neer­ing bones, af­flict­ed by in­som­nia and the cre­ative itch, few things feel as good as the ear­ly days of a Big Idea, as the im­pli­ca­tions and ex­pla­na­tions fall in­to place. Of course, peo­ple like me shouldn’t be al­lowed to drive cars at this phase, and spous­es suf­fer un­rea­son­ably as our lis­ten­ing abil­i­ty be­comes in­ter­mit­ten­t. And of course we all know that as the Big Idea even­tu­al­ly morphs in­to ac­tu­al icky bug­gy code run­ning on ac­tu­al icky real-world in­fras­truc­ture, we’re in for a lot of pain; and not all my Big Ideas have been good ones. Stil­l, it’s some­thing to live by: What might be, but is not.
NeoOffice/J · I got an email with an at­tach­ment I want­ed to read whose name end­ed in .sxw. Click­ing on it baf­fled OS X, so I asked around and some­one point­ed me at NeoOf­fice/J, which is part of NeoOf­fice. I got a hur­ried and en­tire­ly opaque ex­pla­na­tion of how this is us­ing Java/Co­coa mag­ic to sweep the Open Of­fice X11 un­der the car­pet, but hey, it seems to work, de­spite lots of “This is a Beta!” warn­ings. It han­dled the .sxw, and then I point­ed it at a .doc and a .xls and it was fine with those, too. The on­ly down­side so far is it doesn’t have the re­al Aqua look.
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