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Googlestorm · Some­times you glance at your serv­er log­file and say “Huh?” Click for the pic­ture; im­pres­sive on one hand, ir­ri­tat­ing on the oth­er. [Up­date: Eureka! Fig­ured it out; fixed the prob­lem.] ...
Cleanup Plus Search · Another batch of on­go­ing house­keep­ing. I added a search field up and to your right, which just out­sources the prob­lem to Google. Even­tu­al­ly there’ll be some­thing with an on­go­ing look com­ing out of this. Al­so I fixed a long-standing bug in the date dis­play, which con­vinced me the whole date-hierarchy sub­sys­tem was ba­si­cal­ly bro­ken so I re-did it, check it out. Quite like­ly I broke some­thing, if so let me know, my email ad­dress is on the front page of a Google search for my name. Al­so, IE6 was re­fus­ing to ren­der ' prop­er­ly for rea­sons I couldn’t fig­ure out, so I skat­ed around that.
Yahoo Paid Search, Translated · Via the in­valu­able John Bat­telle, a point­er to this Search Engine Watch piece on the ad­vent of Paid Search over at Ya­hoo. It con­tains some re­mark­able ex­am­ples of mar­ketinge­se, and I thought it would be help­ful to pro­vide a trans­la­tion ...
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