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Pricing Craziness · I’m visiting the Valley next week in connection with the what-next project, flying on some of the hundreds of thousands of points I’ve built up on some bankrupt airline or another, but I needed to rent a car out of SFO. A bit of Internet shopping produced what I thought was a fairly mind-boggling result ...
Geek Dinner Wednesday · Jeremy Zawodny pinged me and said “You coming to the Valley? Let’s do a geek dinner.” Sounded like a good idea to me, so he went ahead and organized it. That would be the evening of Wednesday the 14th. You gotta admire a guy who’ll not only organize dinner but hang his address & phone number out on his blog. Wow, looks like an interesting crowd.
Hello CNN.com Visitors · As a result of John Battelle’s nice Foo Camp article having been posted at CNN.com, a few thousand people have come through here looking for an article about nixing spam: Here it is, and thanks for visiting.
TPSM 8: Investor Support · While the Venture Capital community may have come down a few steps from their Bubble-era Masters Of The Universe status, the flow of investment dollars remains a key feature of the technology landscape. Would following that flow be a good strategy for predicting the success or failure of new technologies? ...
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