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Area Code Map · Ever won­der where some area code is? Google is pret­ty help­ful with that, but I al­so stum­bled across this re­mark­able la­bor of love; pret­ty well any­thing you could pos­si­bly want to know about area codes, with ex­haus­tive map­ping, all on one page. And there’s a re­lat­ed page on how new area codes get worked in­to the sys­tem—for a re­al thril­l, scroll down and read the sec­tion on Over­lay.
Black and Blue · Lau­ren re­cent­ly bought a nice IBM lap­top, and I raised my eye­brows when I found out she’d bun­dled in a mouse and some oth­er ac­ces­sories. I hadn’t thought of IBM as a lead­er in mouse tech­nol­o­gy, but I was wrong ...
TPSM 6: Return On Investment · If you’ve been in­volved with a ma­jor en­ter­prise cap­i­tal pro­cure­ment re­cent­ly, you’re prob­a­bly sick of hear­ing about ROI. A sales pro who wants to con­vince a cus­tomer to sign on the dot­ted line for a big chunk of mon­ey had bet­ter have worked up a con­vinc­ing fi­nan­cial mod­el show­ing how the cus­tomer is go­ing to re­duce ex­pens­es or in­crease rev­enues by an amount that’s sev­er­al times what they’re be­ing asked to pay. The same kind of dy­nam­ic ap­plies be­tween a line man­ag­er launch­ing a project and the cor­ner of­fice; and be­tween se­nior man­age­ment and Boards of Direc­tors. Th­ese days, peo­ple don’t want to hear about syn­er­gies and in­tan­gi­bles and brand lever­age, they want capital-R, capital-O, capital-I, and they want it fast. So, is ROI po­ten­tial use­ful in pre­dict­ing the suc­cess of new tech­nolo­gies? ...
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