· Naughties
· · 2003
· · · December
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Insecurity by Obscurity · There’s this big com­pa­ny out there whose name ev­ery­one knows. I’ll just call them “Example Corp” be­cause this is a good ex­am­ple of how things can go wrong. What hap­pened was, this morn­ing I glanced at my serv­er logs and saw hits from http://le­gal.ex­am­ple.­com/blog; puz­zled, I checked it out and was chal­lenged for my email be­fore it would let me in. They were fine with my or­di­nary ad­dress, and I found my­self in their le­gal department’s in­ter­nal blog, full of dis­cus­sions of peo­ple su­ing them, re­ports to man­age­men­t, re­al juicy stuff. Nice Move­able Type group-blog se­tup; and they’d point­ed to my re­cent bulleted-list rant, leav­ing a trail of crumbs back to their un­pro­tect­ed un­men­tion­ables. I saw that a few of the posts were by a jblog­gs and Google, via a search for jblog­gs@ex­am­ple.­com, re­vealed that this par­tic­u­lar Joe was their Se­nior Vice Pres­i­dent and Gen­er­al Coun­sel. So I sent him an email say­ing “Er, your le­gal de­part­ment blog is open to the public.” and a cou­ple of hours lat­er got friend­ly email from some­one @ex­am­ple.­com say­ing “I think we closed it, could you check?” and they had. A cou­ple of de­tails in the nar­ra­tive have been changed to pro­tect the guilty, but if I told you what went be­tween legal. and .com you’d gasp. Any­how, we al­ready knew these things, but on the ev­i­dence it can’t hurt to say them again: First, se­cu­ri­ty by ob­scu­ri­ty just doesn’t work, and sec­ond, nev­er as­sume some­thing on a Web serv­er isn’t Internet-visible un­til you’ve had some­body try from out­side and prove it.
Slowsilver · My per­son­al read­ing metabolism has been suf­fer­ing for quite some time from se­vere con­sti­pa­tion in­duced by Neal Stephenson’s Quick­sil­ver. This book is very large and not a snap­py read and I felt guilty about start­ing oth­er things un­til I’d fin­ished it. Now I have ...
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