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CSS Cowabunga · A cou­ple of mi­nor changes to on­go­ing in re­cent days, all in the CSS. First, if you cast your eyes to the right the nav stuff and pic­ture are no longer en­cased in soft green, that’s been ti­died away in fa­vor of just a line, which is ty­po­graph­i­cal­ly nec­es­sary be­cause of the ragged-right colum­n. That’s a one-liner: border-left: 1px sol­id #040;. Al­so, I switched the font to Ge­or­gia and twid­dled the siz­ing a bit for the serif pre­sen­ta­tion; if you sneered at it be­fore, give it an­oth­er try, I think it’s look­ing way bet­ter than the sans-serif ver­sion (y­ou have to hop off this front page in­to one of the ar­ti­cles to see the dif­fer­ence). This CSS stuff is go­ing to catch on one of these years. Nex­t, I need to dec­o­rate that pic­ture a bit, soft­en the edges or drop-shadow it or some­thing, it feels a bit naked hang­ing there in white space.
Do Databases Suck? · A cou­ple of month ago I was writ­ing about a C cod­ing project; that code is now wired in­to the 4.1 re­lease of Visu­al Net, which comes out some­time ear­ly next year, and there’s an in­ter­est­ing op­ti­miza­tion les­son or two buried in there ...
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