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What Japan Looks Like · Fly­ing to the week­end meet­ing in Yoko­hama the sun lays a huge gold stripe down the mid­dle of the Ber­ing Strait, and on the head­phones Em­my­lou Har­ris and Gram Par­sons sing Sleep­less Nights, fruit of Napster-that-was (I paid for the LP in 1975, and I still have it, OK?); the 767 has lap­top pow­er so I don’t care where in iTunes’ 347 songs, one day, 1.47 GB I am, I just let it play. Rus­sia from the air looks dif­fer­ent from any part of North Amer­i­ca. The mu­sic has segued in­to Flem­ing and John’s I’m Not Afraid (ripped from my own CD, thank you). I have a ton of fine (some little-known) mu­sic on this box, and I bet lots of you do too; wouldn’t it be great if we could post some sam­ples of it and maybe drive a few new lis­ten­ers to some de­serv­ing artist­s? In­stead I’ll share trav­el pic­tures ...
On Search: Result Ranking · If you’re search­ing a big database, un­less you’re lucky you’re usu­al­ly go­ing to get a lot more match­es to any giv­en query than you want to look through. So it re­al­ly mat­ters what or­der that re­sult list is in. Google got to be fa­mous in large part be­cause they do a good job on this; the stuff near the top of their list is usu­al­ly about what you wan­t, and if you don’t see what you need near the top of the list, it may not be out there. Here­with some re­marks on how to go about sort­ing re­sult list­s. In gen­er­al, the news is not very good; how­ev­er, there are some promis­ing tech­niques that are under-explored ...
Move On From the Web · My ti­tle is tak­en from a re­cent Scoble post. To be fair to Robert, he re­al­ly means “move on from the browser” since the RSS/ag­gre­ga­tor tech­nol­o­gy that’s re­placed surf­ing for him is in and of the Web top to bot­tom. He al­so draws com­fort from the fact that a mere 50% or so of my read­ers have moved on from IE, not­ing heart­less­ly that no­body but a geek would read on­go­ing (sob). For­tu­nate­ly, we don’t have to do the dueling-prognosticators thing about that, all we have to do is watch the brows­er stats over the next few years be­tween now and when­ev­er Longhorn comes out; I’ll keep post­ing mine. So, what about “moving on from the Web”? May­be; could hap­pen. But I’d bet against Mi­crosoft do­ing the lead­ing. The next big thing al­ways comes out of the weeds where nobody’s look­ing.
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