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Emergency Repair · Er, quite like­ly on­go­ing looks ter­ri­ble this morn­ing. There’s a javascript bug that I can’t quite shake out, but the quick an­swer is to hit ei­ther the "serif" or "sans-serif" links, which will clear it up.
Whose Medium? · Re­cent­ly Jon Udell ran some video clips from Blog­gerCon in which three dif­fer­ent peo­ple, among them Amy Wohl, com­plained pow­er­ful­ly that on­line pub­lish­ing is too hard, and that worst of al­l, it re­quires pro­gram­ming, which or­di­nary peo­ple can’t be ex­pect­ed to do. Since then, Dy­lan Evans ar­gued more or less the op­po­site po­si­tion in The Guardian: that be­ing un­afraid of code is in­creas­ing­ly go­ing to be es­sen­tial to any­one who wants to be con­sid­ered part of the in­tel­li­gentsi­a. So who’s right? ...
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