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I Ferment Not · The oth­er day I looked at on­go­ing’s top ref­er­ers and not for the first time, saw that a Google search for “fermentation” was right up there. What hap­pened was, I wrote a piece called Lan­guage Fer­men­ta­tion back in May that was se­vere programming-language-theory geek­ery, and, well, a lot of programmming-language geeks linked to it, and now any luck­less stu­dent of zy­mur­gy or bud­ding opimi­an is go­ing to find on­go­ing at #2 in their result-list. While this is ev­i­dence that Google’s PageRank some­times goes off the rail­s, the first en­try in that re­sult list is (quite prop­er­ly) the Jour­nal of Fer­men­ta­tion and Bio­engi­neer­ing.
Picture Windows · Check out this re­mark­able pic­ture of more or less all the pieces of the Win­dows puz­zle. It’s nice that it’s a PNG, but a pity they can’t anti-alias the tex­t. [Up­date: Peter Eschen­bren­ner writes in to say he’s tem­porar­i­ly mir­ror­ing a much higher-quality ver­sion.]
OS X Wireless Airport Breakage? · Yes­ter­day I spent some qual­i­ty time in the Min­neapo­lis and Den­ver air­port­s. Both ad­ver­tised wire­less (Cen­tri­no ban­ner­ware in Den­ver), and in both my Mac could see the net­work. The way it usu­al­ly works is you point your brows­er at any web­site and the wire­less ser­vice jumps in front and says some­thing like “$6.95/day, please” and you de­cide whether you want to sign up. In both air­port­s, though, when I did this the brows­er said it couldn’t find the site (i.e. DNS fail­ure) and gave up. I tried point­ing the DNS at a well-known DNS server’s IP ad­dress, and that didn’t help. There were peo­ple with Win­dows box­es around ap­par­ent­ly get­ting on the air. Same sto­ry with Sa­far­i, Mozil­la and IE. Bil­l, who was trav­el­ing with me and al­so has a Mac, had the ex­act same ex­pe­ri­ence. Any­one know what’s go­ing on?
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