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I Ferment Not · The other day I looked at ongoing’s top referers and not for the first time, saw that a Google search for “fermentation” was right up there. What happened was, I wrote a piece called Language Fermentation back in May that was severe programming-language-theory geekery, and, well, a lot of programmming-language geeks linked to it, and now any luckless student of zymurgy or budding opimian is going to find ongoing at #2 in their result-list. While this is evidence that Google’s PageRank sometimes goes off the rails, the first entry in that result list is (quite properly) the Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering.
Picture Windows · Check out this remarkable picture of more or less all the pieces of the Windows puzzle. It’s nice that it’s a PNG, but a pity they can’t anti-alias the text. [Update: Peter Eschenbrenner writes in to say he’s temporarily mirroring a much higher-quality version.]
OS X Wireless Airport Breakage? · Yesterday I spent some quality time in the Minneapolis and Denver airports. Both advertised wireless (Centrino bannerware in Denver), and in both my Mac could see the network. The way it usually works is you point your browser at any website and the wireless service jumps in front and says something like “$6.95/day, please” and you decide whether you want to sign up. In both airports, though, when I did this the browser said it couldn’t find the site (i.e. DNS failure) and gave up. I tried pointing the DNS at a well-known DNS server’s IP address, and that didn’t help. There were people with Windows boxes around apparently getting on the air. Same story with Safari, Mozilla and IE. Bill, who was traveling with me and also has a Mac, had the exact same experience. Anyone know what’s going on?
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