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Panther vs. Open Source · I load­ed up Pan­ther AKA Mac OS 10.3. They charged me full price for it, even though the computer’s ex­act­ly one month old (bad). Con­sid­er­able vi­su­al im­prove­ment and some nice app bells & whistles, and this new Exposé thing is drop-dead cool (good). Emacs wouldn’t run (bad), re­built per the in­struc­tions of the OS X Emacs guy, worked fine (good). The on­go­ing soft­ware blew up be­cause XML::Pars­er wasn’t there (bad). I shud­dered with mem­o­ry of pre­vi­ous bash­ings of the head against the OSS wall. Hey, Ap­ple is now ship­ping with Perl 5.8.1 (good). Hey, there’s a cpan com­mand that seems to be es­sen­tial­ly a tool for fir­ing sin­gle com­mands at perl -MCPAN -e shell. (Thanks to Iain Trus­kett for some syn­tax help). cpan in­stall XML::Pars­er works (good). on­go­ing still won’t proof be­cause DBI isn’t there (bad). cpan in­stall DBI works (good). on­go­ing won’t proof be­cause DBD::mysql isn’t there (bad). cpan in­stall DBD::mysql al­most work­s, but blows up on the last step with a gnarly ld er­ror (bad). apt-get thinks my mysql is up to date. So for now I can’t proof and I can’t do pic­tures here (very bad). And DBD::mysql is a pret­ty damn im­por­tant piece of in­fras­truc­ture, so I’m not go­ing to be on­ly one feel­ing the pain. [Up­date: It’s fixed! Read on for de­tail­s, thanks, and a bit more on the up- and down-sides of Open Source.] ...
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