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Pardon the Breakage · If ongoing is acting weird, it’s because I’m trying to switch in a new rev of the publishing software, and the same identical HTML pages are acting weirdly different on my staging server and on ongoing and I have no idea why, and when I figure it out, I’ll replace this note with one telling you, of course, how great the new software is. Later: almost got it to work; now Debian ImageMagick is inexplicably failing to deal with some but not all of my JPGs; OS X ImageMagick likes ’em all. We’ll get there eventually.
Pinker on Brown on Human Universals · I’m currently reading Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature which, 100 pages in, seems more or less an extended polemic aimed at those who want to ignore or refute or minimize the genetic component of Human Nature. Since I take Pinker very seriously I’ll probably write more about this when I’m finished, but I have to share this list that he talks about and then helpfully includes, of Human Universals, from Donald E. Brown, of whom I know nothing. Brown devised this list in 1989. If there is such a thing as Human Nature, this list is all about it ...
Wondering About Vignette · I’d like to use the Web as a Really Smart Library—first time I’ve done that on this blog—because I’m looking for some user and programmer experience on Vignette. I haven’t been near their products for years, since the days of StoryServer, which was generally hated for bugginess, arcane complexity, and TCL-centricity. If anyone would like to share some Vignette content-management or portal experiences, on or off the record, I’d sure appreciate it, and I’d publish them here too (or not) on request.
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