· Naughties
· · 2003
· · · October
· · · · 09 (2 entries)

Trains and Taxis and Shop-Window Geeks · Trav­el suck­s, but some times less than oth­er­s. Three days of TAG meet­ings, so­cial­iz­ing, and jet-lag had left me pret­ty well an emp­ty shel­l. But I had all day start­ing in Bris­tol to make the 4:15 to Van­cou­ver out of Heathrow, an (in­fre­quen­t) chance to just kick back and en­joy the pro­cess of get­ting there ...
Ian’s Joke · Ian Ja­cobs told me this one-liner: “Did you hear about the ju­rispru­dence fetishist who got off on a technicality?”
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