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Leatherlight · The early-morning sun this time of year slants through the prismatic window beside the front door and for the last couple of days the incident rainbows have danced with the vertical slats of the big old leather chair ...
Emacs, XML, Unicode · I was struck by Norm Walsh’s essay Goodbye DTDs, in which he talks of going to an all-RelaxNG environment, no more DTDs. Within seconds of seeing it I IM’d him asking “What about special characters?” and he pointed out that there would still be some entity declarations around. ongoing has a DTD too, but I’d rather it didn’t, so I decided to see if I could wrestle Emacs to the ground so I wouldn’t need one. Of possible interest only to the eleven people in the world who edit XML in Emacs and know what “i18n” stands for. [Updated; skip to the end for a neato char-insertion function.] ...
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