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Laptop Pricing · I just or­dered a new 15-inch Power­book (my cur­rent spec­i­men is not what once was), the high-end mod­el (DVD writer, back­lit keys, 1.25Ghz) with the mem­o­ry pumped up to a gig. In­ter­est­ing­ly, it end­ed up cost­ing al­most ex­act­ly the same as Lau­ren paid for hers a cou­ple of months ago. The Mac is a bit more heav­i­ly con­fig­ured, so I was kind of sur­prised, since Ap­ples have a rep­u­ta­tion for a pre­mi­um price. The ex­pla­na­tion has three part­s: first, IBM is not the cheap­est ven­dor of Win­tel box­es. Se­cond, she got the thin-and-light mod­el, and lap­tops have a weight func­tion that looks some­thing like $-1,000/lb. Fi­nal­ly, the Cana­di­an dol­lar keeps drift­ing up, so im­ports get cheap­er. Another way to look at it is, Mac­in­tosh­es are gen­er­al­ly price-competitive.
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