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Setting up Mom · Visiting my Mom, I drop into sysadmin mode and do some maintenance on her computer. Hours of Windows Update, check. Mozilla 1.4, check, so she doesn’t see spam any more (brought it on a CD, not thinkable on dial-up). Her 1999 Emachines Celeron500 box is still just fine for her, but the 64M isn’t cutting it, so I get into all sorts of trouble trying to install PC133 memory in PC100 slots, weirdly it sort of kind of works. Now she needs to get some sort of aggregation thing happening, she’s a news-hound (I come by it honestly). Hmm, I don't know from Windows news-readers, and can’t stomach the thought of any significant dialup downloads, so I set her up with Bloglines, which seems to do the necessary and get out of the way.
Thermodynamics Of Hell Fire  · I don’t normally point at “weird stuff on the Net” but after visiting a few pages of Objective: Christian Ministries I honestly can’t figure out whether they’re for real, or a side project by The Onion staff. I particularly gasp at the Creation Science Fair from which the title of this note is taken. Thanks to Tim Romano for the pointer. [Update: Several people have written me that this is a parody, but nobody has really provided much solid evidence. But the more I look at it, the more I conclude that it just has to be, based only on the language.]
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