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Setting up Mom · Visit­ing my Mom, I drop in­to sysad­min mode and do some main­te­nance on her com­put­er. Hours of Win­dows Up­date, check. Mozil­la 1.4, check, so she doesn’t see spam any more (brought it on a CD, not think­able on dial-up). Her 1999 Ema­chines Celeron500 box is still just fine for her, but the 64M isn’t cut­ting it, so I get in­to all sorts of trou­ble try­ing to in­stall PC133 mem­o­ry in PC100 slot­s, weird­ly it sort of kind of work­s. Now she needs to get some sort of ag­gre­ga­tion thing hap­pen­ing, she’s a news-hound (I come by it hon­est­ly). Hm­m, I don't know from Win­dows news-readers, and can’t stom­ach the thought of any sig­nif­i­cant di­alup down­load­s, so I set her up with Blog­lines, which seems to do the nec­es­sary and get out of the way.
Thermodynamics Of Hell Fire  · I don’t nor­mal­ly point at “weird stuff on the Net” but af­ter vis­it­ing a few pages of Ob­jec­tive: Chris­tian Min­istries I hon­est­ly can’t fig­ure out whether they’re for re­al, or a side project by The Onion staff. I par­tic­u­lar­ly gasp at the Creation Science Fair from which the ti­tle of this note is tak­en. Thanks to Tim Ro­mano for the point­er. [Up­date: Sev­er­al peo­ple have writ­ten me that this is a par­o­dy, but no­body has re­al­ly pro­vid­ed much sol­id ev­i­dence. But the more I look at it, the more I con­clude that it just has to be, based on­ly on the lan­guage.]
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