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Data Potato Doo-wop Doo-wop · This en­try (I won’t dig­ni­fy it with the term “essay”) con­tains en­tire­ly pure unadul­ter­at­ed silli­ness ...
Unflash · At Antarc­ti­ca, for ver­sion 3.0 of Visu­al Net, we added a Flash-based us­er in­ter­face to our tra­di­tion­al HTML fla­vor. For 4.0, which ships some­time be­fore end-of-year, we’ll be back­ing it out and stick­ing to dy­nam­ic HTML. It’s the right thing to do, but the choice wasn’t a slam-dunk. Here­with a look at the pros and con­s ...
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