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The 1975 Idea-Futures Market · There’s been much ado in recent days over DARPA’s notion of setting up a futures market where people could speculate on the likelihood of geopolitical events: terrorism, rebellion, death, and so on. The oscillating waves of opinion were kind of amusing: initial puzzlement, followed by reflexive horror and denunciation, with recently a few quiet voices saying “Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.” This note is to point out that the idea goes back at least as far as John Brunner’s 1975 scifi novel <cite>Shockwave Rider</cite>, which some of you might enjoy reading for its own sake ...
Perl Angst · Perl is such a great language, except for when it’s not. There’s this problem, which is best illustrated by example: a colleague came into my office with a testy expression and said “You wrote this; what the $#@!%! does it do?!?” I told him I’d get right back to him. <i>[Update: I get spanked.]</i> ...
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