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· · 2003
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On Not Being a Gamer · I’d nev­er re­al­ly played com­put­er games ex­cept the oblig­a­tory runs through Myst and Riv­en. In mid-1999, I found­ed Antarc­ti­ca, and for a while we shipped, along with our 2-D da­ta map­ping soft­ware, a 3-D ver­sion that was a lot like a video game. I fig­ured I’d bet­ter check out video game cul­ture, and it be­came a hob­by for just over two years; this is a look back. It’s just bare­ly pos­si­ble that some­one read­ing this may have known me un­der some vari­a­tion of the name “Bengal” (of the Bas­in) ...
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