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Overpass Prophet Project · A few years ago when I was com­mut­ing back and forth on the Ex­press­way in Toron­to ev­ery day, there was this fair­ly low over­pass that I (and a hun­dred thou­sand or so oth­er­s) drove un­der ev­ery day. I thought the ex­pe­ri­ence would be im­proved if there were an old man stand­ing on it wear­ing white robes in the style of a bib­li­cal prophet, slow­ly wav­ing a large black flag ...
Explosion! · Sam Ru­by de­cid­ed that the way to de­sign the next gen­er­a­tion of Web syn­di­ca­tion was to cre­ate a Wi­ki, a dy­nam­ic web­site that can be edit­ed by, well, any­one, the on­ly re­stric­tion be­ing, er, um, in fact there aren’t any re­stric­tion­s. As any fool can plain­ly see, this can’t pos­si­bly work, ex­cept for it sor­ta kin­da seems to. It’s my first ex­po­sure to the world of Wik­i, and it’s been a brain-bender. Here­with some im­pres­sions and de­duc­tions and a close up view of a cre­ative ex­plo­sion in ac­tion ...
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