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· · 2003
· · · June
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It’s Bad · Pa­tience ran out. I picked up a Canon Pow­erShot S50, and the SataniCam­era of yore will be tak­ing its well-deserved place on the trash-heap of his­to­ry, an ex­tend­ed hang­over from a big night out in Tokyo. Here­with ini­tial im­pres­sion­s, a cou­ple of tech notes, and one sur­pris­ing pic­ture ...
Subscribers Redux · Re­cent­ly I talked about the dif­fi­cul­ty of know­ing how many sub­scribers there are to an RSS feed. Not much joy to of­fer on this one, but some new in­for­ma­tion and a startling (to me) bit of so­ci­ol­o­gy. Plus one last ex­hor­ta­tion for the ag­gre­ga­tor guys: watch out or Red­mond will get ya! ...
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